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How to use Chrome Extension "TikTok Analytics By EchoTik"
How to use Chrome Extension "TikTok Analytics By EchoTik"

How do I use chrome extensions? How to install and how Chrome extensions can be used? Why can't I see the data?

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TikTok Analytics By EchoTik is an easy to use chrome extension. The extension will add the EchoTik button in the appropriate place on the TikTok website, and when clicked, you can quickly view the influencer's recent data.


1. Open this link and click Get our free extension.

2. Jump to Chrome Store and click Add to Chrome.

3. Install successfully!


1. Open TikTok's website or influencer's page in Chrome browser on PC

2. The extension will add a button to the TikTok home page, on the influencer's personal page

3. Click this button to view the data

Why can't I see any data

Because new influencer accounts are constantly being added, EchoTik sometimes doesn't find them right away.

You may see a status similar to the one below, click the button to collect and you will see the data the next day.

If you are in a hurry, you can also click the Accelerate button and we will raise the priority.

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