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What is EchoTik?
EchoTik Promotion Affiliate Program
EchoTik Promotion Affiliate Program

How to become a promotional agent? How to promote products? How to get rewards?

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Introduction to alliance rules has officially launched and is now recruiting capable agents worldwide.
Once you obtain agency rights, you will receive an exclusive promotional link and invitation code. When users register using the promotional link or invitation code and make their first payment, the agent will receive a certain percentage of the rebate from the platform.

How to become an agent?

First, you need to register as an EchoTik user.
There are three ways to apply to us:

1.Add business IM for communication

2.Online chat

Click on the online chat icon in the lower right corner to indicate to customer service that you would like to apply to be an agent.

3. Contact by email

At the time of application, you may be required to provide information about your qualifications, resources, etc.

How much is the agency commission?

Please contact our commercial staff.

How do I get promotional links?

1. Log in to EchoTik and go to the Invite & Reward page:

2. Copy your invitation link and add it to your own website, or forward it directly to others

4. Make sure that new users use this link to sign up for an EchoTik account, and the system will automatically bind new users to your promotion system

How to check the promotion effect?

After a user has registered using your promotion link, you can view the registration record in the EchoTik backend:

How do I view and earn rewards?

You can view and manage your commission-sharing records on your own at EchoTik:

Reminder: EchoTik officially launched on May 8, 2023. Users who were invited to register by agents before the official launch can also participate in the rebate after completing their first payment.

For other cooperation intentions, please contact our business email and briefly describe the requirements, we will contact you within 48 hours:

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