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How does EchoTik charge for its services?
How does EchoTik charge for its services?

Pricing plans, membership plans, member benefits, and promotional strategies.

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EchoTik is a third-party platform that offers marketing solutions for short videos and live streams to global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands. EchoTik provides users with three different membership plans: Free, Professional, and Enterprise, allowing users to choose and meet different needs flexibly.

Free Version

The first version available is the Free version, which remains free forever and is suitable for light usage and exploration. It provides unrestricted use of category filtering, with limited access to viewing lists, charts, and detailed data.

Pro Edition

Next up is the Pro Edition, which is suitable for frequent use by professional users. Compared to the Free version, it provides unrestricted access to viewing lists, charts, overall data, detailed data, and exporting data, as well as unrestricted use of the browser plugin.

New users can apply for a 7-day interview trial, and we also offer a long-term activity that allows users to receive Pro membership by completing tasks. Learn more about : How can you get EchoTik membership for free?

Enterprise Edition

Finally, the Enterprise Edition is an advanced customized service aimed at businesses. The price is customized based on communication between business personnel and users. In addition to including all of the features of the Pro Edition, it also provides advanced services tailored for enterprises and one-on-one customer support services.

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