What is EchoTik?

A quick look at what EchoTik can do.

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EchoTik, the more professional TikTok data tool.

EchoTik, the more professional TikTok data tool. It is an independent third-party platform.

EchoTik's mission is to enable global sellers, creators, agencies, and brands, to master the marketing of short videos and live streams to easily sell and promote their products.

EchoTik currently provides influencers, videos, sales data, and live-streaming monitoring tools for 8 countries, including the U.S., Indonesia, and the U.K.

What problem does EchoTik help you solve?

  • Find, discover, analyze and filter out influencers.

  • TikTok product analysis

    • Selecting products, discovering hot products.

    • Analyze the sales of products.

    • Analyze the promotion of products.

  • TikTok e-commerce analysis.

    • Influencer distribution.

    • Category sales data.

  • Live room operation assistance.

    • Monitor live room data, and analyze traffic, sales, and audience data.

    • Monitoring and reminding the start and end of the live room.

    • Extracting and analyzing live sales and sales pitches.

    • Cross-analyze the sales pitches, sales, and find the operation method of the best live room

    • ...

  • Efficiency tools:

    • TikTok Pricing Calculator

    • Favorites

    • ...

Who is EchoTik for?

  • Creators, Influencers

  • Supply chain sellers, TikTok Shop sellers

  • Brands

  • MCN, Agency, TAP, etc.

How does EchoTik charge?

It is currently in public test and free to use.

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