How to use live monitor?

What is it used for and how

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  • After an account is added, it is automatically monitored on the cloud.

  • Set the monitoring duration freely.

  • Multiple conditions trigger notifications.

  • Multiple channels for notification.

  • It can monitor and extract sales, traffic, audience portraits, and many other indicators.

  • The data can be exported for further analysis.

Who can be monitored?

Any TikTok account.

What data is available?

  • Traffic data, including human traffic and Engagement data.

  • Product data, including sales, GMV, and conversion rate.

  • Audience data, including the percentage of new users, and new followers.

Usage guide

1. Add new monitoring

Start adding a monitor:

Set parameters:

2. View monitoring data

Open Monitor list, click on the monitoring task you added:

You can find that this task has monitored 1 live, click to view

Now you can analyze this live

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