How to export data?

EchoTik platform data export instructions

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Export data description

The export function refers to exporting various analytical data from the EchoTik platform, including but not limited to various libraries, charts, etc. The export format is Excel file.

What data can be exported?

Places with an "Export" button on the page, the data can be exported, mainly including the following:

  • Influencer library, influencer leaderboard, influencer detail page list data

  • Selected product library, selected product leaderboard, selected product detail page list data

  • Small shop library, small shop leaderboard, small shop detail page list data

  • Live broadcast library, live broadcast leaderboard, live broadcast detail page list data

  • Video library

  •  Live broadcast monitoring list

User Guide:

1.Export location, please locate the "Export" button on the page, as shown below.

2.The exported data content is the content displayed on the page. You can first accurately filter out the required data through different filtering options, and then export it. The exported data defaults to the first 200 records.

3.Click the Export button, the browser will automatically download the Excel file to the computer's download directory. Please find the file in the computer's download directory or click the browser's download history to find it.

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