How to use the favoriting function?

Favorite influencers, selected products,shop, live, videos

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Favoriting entrance

The five-pointed star in the operation column of the influencer library, selected product library, shop library, live library, and video library lists can be clicked to favorite.

Which data can be collected for preservation?

  • Influencer library, influencer leaderboard data

  • Selected product library, selected product leaderboard data

  • Shop library,shop leaderboard data

  • Live library, live leaderboard data

  • Video library data

User Guide

1.Add favorites

Find the data you want to favorite, click the five-pointed star after the list, you can favorite it. After favoriting successfully, the five-pointed star will turn dark.

2.How to view my favorites

Click "Tools" in the navigation bar at the top of the website, find "Favorites" below, and you can see all your favorite data.

3.How to cancel favorites

Click the favorited button, there will be a pop-up window to cancel the favorite. Click "Yes" to cancel the favorite.

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