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How to use the Influencer Library?
How to use the Influencer Library?
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Main features

  • Support selecting the experts you want to find through filtering conditions (expert classification, product classification, number of fans, number of likes, GMV, whether to open display windows, whether to carry goods, whether to open live broadcasts, whether to open stores) and other dimensions.

  • Support fuzzy search of experts

  • Support sorting of list fields

  • Support export of expert data

  • Favorite experts support one-click collection


1. Go to the Influencer Library

2. You can directly search for the Influencer you want to find.

3. You can also select the Influencer you want to find by filtering conditions.

4. The filtered data supports sorting.

5. Data can also be exported.

6. You can directly bookmark the influencers you follow for easy access later.

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