Task 2: Share pictures to your friends
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Share and win seven days! Show the sharing screenshot to get 3 days.

EchoTik has launched the latest "Share Picture Invite Friends" event. By sharing the pictures provided by the platform to your friends, invite new users to join and get seven days of professional version usage time!

Event time: Long term effective

Activity object: All registered free and professional version users

Activity rules:

1. Share the picture of Task 2 to social platforms;

2. Take a screenshot and show it to EchoTik operator (bottom right of website homepage); 3. EchoTik operator will add three days of professional version usage time;

4. After the new user scans the code to complete the registration, the original user and the new user will each get an additional seven days of professional version usage time;

5. The more new users you invite, the longer the professional version time will be obtained, without the upper limit;

6. The platform reserves the right to final interpretation of the event.

The professional version time obtained by the event can be used in a stacked manner, and the member expiration time will be automatically extended. This is a win-win invitation event. Through social sharing, more users can join EchoTik and enjoy efficient work and life with more friends. This is an opportunity to win-win with friends. Absolutely not to be missed!

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