Task 3: Share Short Video
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EchoTik has launched the "Share Short Video to Introduce the Website" event. By recording and sharing short videos, more new users can understand and join EchoTik to get 14 days of professional membership time. If the effect is good, you can get up to $150 in cash!

Event time: Long term effective

Activity object: All registered free and professional version users

Activity rules:

1. Users record short videos to introduce the website;

2. Publish short videos to the corresponding short video social platforms;

3. Show the release results (video link + screenshot) to the EchoTik platform operator (can be found at the bottom right of the homepage);

4. After the platform staff review and approve, users will get 14 days of EchoTik professional version usage qualification;

5. After the short video gets more than 10 likes, users can contact the platform operator to evaluate and get a cash reward of $5-$150;

6. The platform reserves the right to final interpretation of the event.

This is an interactive short video sharing event. Through lively and interesting short videos, more users can understand EchoTik's powerful features and convenient services. Come and record your unique website short video to win two weeks of professional version usage qualification and generous cash rewards! Share with more new friends the efficient work and life experience brought by EchoTik. This will be an interactive sharing journey with fruitful results!

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