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How to check and analyze the live room traffic?
How to check and analyze the live room traffic?

Get insight into the traffic data of great live room with EchoTik

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Traffic is one of the most important operational objectives of the TikTok live room. We know the traffic in our own live room, how can we check the traffic in other live rooms?

How to get the traffic data in the live room?

You have two ways to get data from other studios:

  1. Through the live room monitor function. You can read this document to learn how to use 👉🏻 How to use Live Monitor?

  2. Live library pre-monitored through EchoTik (currently accumulating data for subsequent release, if you urgently need certain data, you can give us feedback through the customer service window at the bottom right)

Traffic indicators in the live room

Regarding live streaming traffic metrics, EchoTik has analyzed two dimensions and eight important indicators:

  • The traffic of people:

    • Number of people online per minute

    • Number of arrivals per minute

    • Number of leave per minute

    • The average length of stay (estimated)

  • Engagement:

    • Cumulative number of comments

    • Increments of comments per minute

    • The accumulation of likes

    • The increment of likes per minute

Use these data for analysis

After having these data, you can analyze the traffic pattern of the live room, and learn how to set different operation strategies in the process of the live room. For example, observe the live streaming data in the following chart:

In the first 10 minutes of the live broadcast, the number of likes quickly pulled up to about 1,500. The number of people entering the live stream, and the number of people online, also reached the first peak at around 10:27 minutes accordingly:

  • Number of people online: 81

  • The highest number of people entered this live: 124

The anchor leads the live stream users to like and interact in the first ten minutes, which has a significant impact weight on the push stream of TikTok.

It can also be observed that the Livestream had a wave of likes at regular intervals afterward, throughout the whole Live.

In the future, EchoTik will furthermore match the data of live talk, video, interactive speech, etc., with the traffic for analysis, and you can even know the impact of more specific talk, speech, interaction, etc., on the traffic during the live broadcast.

If you are interested in this feature, you can also feedback with our product manager through the customer service window in the bottom right corner to understand the progress.

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