How to analyze shop data?

View shop data details with EchoTik

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EchoTik is a third-party website that can deeply analyze the store and product data on the TikTok platform. In this article, we will take the store "The Originote" as an example to analyze its current situation using EchoTik's store details page.

First, in the basic data module, we can view the overview information of the store, as well as the sales trends in recent 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 90 days, and the distribution of product categories.

Secondly, in the product module, we can view all the products currently listed in the store, including product photos, product names, prices, sales, etc.

Again, in the influencer module, we can view all the influencers currently cooperating with the store, including influencer accounts, number of fans, number of promotional videos, etc.

Finally, in the promotional video and live streaming modules, we can also view the relevant videos and live broadcasts currently generated by the store.

In summary, through the rich data and charts provided by the EchoTik website, we can comprehensively and deeply analyze the operation and sales of the store. As a third-party analytical tool for the TikTok commercial ecosystem, the data resources and professional analysis capabilities of the EchoTik website are worth our continued attention.

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