How to analyze product data?

View product data details with EchoTik

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To analyze a product, first visit the EchoTik website and search for the product by name to view its product details page.

Basic information includes product name, product category, price, specifications and recent sales trends. Check if the price and specs are competitive and if sales have been growing over the past few months. If the price and specs are competitive enough and sales are steadily increasing, the product's potential opportunities and value will be higher.

Next, examine the influencer data to see which key influencers have promoted this product recently. See how many followers they have and view some of their videos and live streams about this product. Seeing more well-known influencers promote and gain a lot of attention and interaction means the product's influence and market share are expanding.

Then, view the video and live streaming data related to this product. Look at the number of views, likes and comments for videos and live streams featuring this product. The higher the attention and interaction, the more the product can arouse public interest and discussion. This shows how engaging the content has been and interest in the product.

Finally, compare the data for different time periods such as the past week, the past month or the past three months. Look for any significant changes or trends. This gives an overall sense of whether the momentum of this product is increasing or decreasing, which helps determine if it is worthwhile to invest in or promote. If all indicators are showing an upward trend, it means the product is in a high-speed development stage and is worth continuing to pay attention to and invest in.

In summary, the EchoTik website provides a comprehensive analysis of product data to evaluate any product on TikTok. By analyzing the details and trends in the data, you can determine customer interest and demand, competitive conditions and growth opportunities. This helps brands and influencers identify products with the greatest potential and commercial value.

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