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EchoTik is a third-party website that can deeply analyze TikTok video and product data. In this article, we will use EchoTik's video details page to analyze the video "Gabisa bahasa jawa".

First, in the overview module, we can see that the video has obtained 61.6 thousand playbacks, 5.6 thousand likes, 24 comments, and 62 forwards. The video has promoted the sales of 114.3 thousand pieces of goods and generated a sales revenue of 221.7 thousand yuan. These data clearly show that the video has gained high popularity and commercial value on the TikTok platform.

Second, in the video analysis module, we can see that the number of likes, plays and comments of the video have remained stable in the last 30 days.

Finally, in the commodity analysis module, we can also see that the sales revenue and sales volume of the goods promoted by the video have also remained stable in the last 30 days. This also confirms from the side that the current influence and spread of the video are still quite strong, and it has begun to directly transform into actual commercial profits and income.

In summary, through the professional analysis of EchoTik website, we can conclude that the video is currently gaining popularity and commercial value rapidly. If the video influencer can continue to persist, the video is likely to become a long-term valuable content. This also provides useful reference and inspiration for other creators.

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