How to use influencers leaderboard?
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  • View influencer's number of followers、follower growth、dark horse and live streamers leaderboard, etc.

  • View influencer leaderboard for three different time dimensions: day, week, and month.

  • View influencer leaderboard of different categories.

  • You can export the leaderboard data to Excel files.

Leaderboard Type

  • No. of Followers: Ranking by number of followers.

  • Follower Growth: Ranking influencers by followers increment.

  • Sales Champion: Ranking influencers based on product sales volume.

  • Dark Horse Creators: Ranking based on creators' Growth Score. Growth Score is an index used to compare the speed of fan growth among creators with different fan levels. It is calculated by weighting the increase in fans.

  • Dark Horse EC Creators: Ranking of the Fastest-growing E-commerce Creators.

  • Hot EC live streamers: GMV leaderboard for e-commerce live streamers.

  • Most-watched live streamers: The leaderboard of most-watched ive streamers.

Usage guide

1. Entrance

Go to influencers leaderboard from menu

Switch leaderboard type

2. Leaderboard of different time dimensions and categories

Different time dimensions

Different categories

3. Sort & Export

Leaderboard content can be displayed in descending order based on different data values of the influencer

Export leaderboard data to Excel files

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